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Kids Corner

Joyful Learning of Your Kids Starts Here | Quiz Game for Kids | Twenty Thousand MCQs for Kids | Let’s Start Your Kids Journey of Learning and Fun at Howfiv Kids Corner

Let’s take your kids knowledge to the next level by letting them play online quizzes (multiple-choice questions MCQs) at Howfiv’s Kids Corner, anywhere, anytime freely.

At Kids Corner, multiple-choice questions, also known as MCQs and Trivia questions for kids, effectively and efficiently check, analyze, and test your children’s learning outcomes. Howfiv Kids Corner contains nearly twenty thousand questions (MCQs) from every aspect of life and each segment of a subject and a topic to make Pakistani children learn more about their surroundings. Playing quizzes questions at the kids' corner helps kids build their confidence and personality. Howfiv Kids Corner stimulates your kids’ active learning and encourages them to prepare a topic or a subject discreetly. The educationalists of Howfiv, guided and lead by Sir Syed Kazim Ali - co-founder of Howfiv - worked overtime to specifically design and develop Kids Corner for millions of Pakistani kids. Kids’ Corner at Howfiv website is a premier destination for kids in Pakistan. At Kids Corner, kids, ages from 6 to 14 and from class 2 to class 8, can dramatically take their knowledge to the next level.

Howfiv Kids Corner displays a series of Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) for children to learn, prepare, and practice school level courses for class 2, class 3, class 4, class 5, class 6, class 7, and class 8. Kids’ Corner is a quiz game where joyful learning of your kids starts. It contains innumerable MCQs related to multiple topics and subjects, including addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, general science, general knowledge, word puzzles, computer science, social studies, mental math, mental ability, I.Q, Islamiat, etc. MCQs at Kids Corner are ordered in a way that helps children learn more and more.

Aim and Purpose of Kids Corner

Pakistani kids, nowadays, have started spending too much time playing games and watching meaningless cartoons on mobile phones. Although such activities engage and occupy them and let their parents focus on their chores, such games and cartoons rarely teach kids anything meaningful. As a result, kids have started becoming physically and mentally weak. To get our kids out from such meaningless activities and engage them in a mental exercise, Howfiv has introduced its other feature kids’ corner. According to Sir Syed Kazim Ali, the modern world is getting incredibly competitive with each passing day, it has become important for us to equip our kids with online fun learning activities if we want them well-read and knowledgeable.

The basic purpose of Kids Corner at Howfiv website is to help Pakistani children learn and build their knowledge so that they can develop their personality and confidence to compete in the modern world. Whereas Howfiv Kids Corner aims to take Pakistani Kids’ knowledge and concepts to the next level parents always aspire for. To get its aim achieved, Howfiv has uploaded up to 20,000 Online Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) for kids, Quiz Games for kids, and Trivia Games for kids.   

How Kids Corner is helpful for Kids in Pakistan? 

In Pakistan, parents are usually worried about their kids’ mental, logical, and analytical reasoning. Schools in Pakistan don’t consider the mental health of the children and burden them with books; whereas, children need some fun learning activities to grow active. The other concern for Pakistani parents is their kids give much time to watch cartoons and playing games at mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, that don’t help their kids grow mentally. In Pakistan, multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and quizzes for kids at Kids Corner at Howfiv website is a combination of fun and learning.

At Howfiv Kids Corner children are tested with their knowledge skills via online questions, multiple-choice questions – MCQs – and trivia games for kids. In Pakistan, Kids Corner at Howfiv is the only available forum that is designed and developed on the request of parents that want to take their kids' GK, Science, Maths, Reasoning, etc. to the level they always aspire. Kids Corner covers a majority of fascinating categories filled with thousands of online MCQs for kids. You may select any of the categories to enhance and test your kids’ knowledge and learning skills.

Let your kid play the quiz again and again unless they score the highest marks. Ask them to share with their friends, cousins, brothers, and sisters, so that a sense of competition could be created in them. Our online quizzes, trivia games, multiple-choice questions, and MCQs for kids, at Howfiv Kids Corner, is not limited to the lessons from limited school subjects, they, rather, cover each section that can help your child grow a reasoned kid. In simple words, Howfiv Kids Corner ultimate goal is to make Pakistani kids mentally active. 

How many kids play online quiz game at Howfiv Kids Corner daily?

Kids Corner at Howfiv website is one of the best ways to make children love fun learning by indulging them in playing online quiz games that are particularly designed and developed for Pakistani kids. Daily around five thousand to eight thousand kids play online quiz games at Kids Corner. Each kid spends more than forty (40) minutes in answering online multiple-choice questions (MCQs) available in multiple categories, such as general science, general knowledge, general geography, islamiat, mental ability, mental math, etc.

How to use Kids Corner or how to play online MCQs for Kids at Howfiv Kids Corner?

Playing online quizzes for kids or answering online multiple-choice questions (MCQs) at Howfiv Kids Corner is very simple that even a kid without the help of his or her parents can start it anytime, anywhere freely. Like MCQs feed and Quiz Corner, Kids Corner at Howfiv website is freely accessible for millions of children all over the world. What all you need to do is to type in a browser, you will land to the main page.

For Desktop Users:

When you land to the main page of Howfiv website, you will see a button hovering at the right top of the header – Kids Corner –; moreover, you can also find the button by clicking on the menu located at the top right corner of the header. Additionally, you can find Kids Corner by clicking on the Explore icon located at the top left corner of the header, near to Howfiv logo. As soon as you click on Kids Corner, you will land to Kids corner within no time.

For Mobile Users:

When you land to the main page of Howfiv website on mobile by using any of the browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer or Edge, etc., you will see Kids’ Corner button at the hero, blue colour at the top carrying many buttons. In addition to it, if you click on the Explore button, you can also find Kids Corner there. Moreover, for your convenience, we have also displayed the button of Kids Corner in Menu Icon. If you click on the menu icon, a drop-down will be dropped, and you can find the button there. As soon as, you click on the Kids Corner Button, you will land to the page within no time.

Kids Corner has become viral over the internet, especially in Pakistan among parents, since its launch. Twenty-four hours, there are users playing quizzes, there is not even a single hour in a day when users stop playing. Our analytics show that thousands of parents, tutors, teachers, and working people are making their kids play online kids MCQs at Kids Corner. Many parents send us their testimonies about the project, and they are happy to see such kind of kids’ educational revolution in Pakistan. We know that the only way to assess kids formative learning is to engage them in playing online quizzes. Let’s take your kids knowledge to the level you always aspire with us freely, anywhere, anytime.

Categories at Kids Corner

The following categories are created for kids at Howfiv website.

General Knowledge Quiz for Kids | General Science Quiz for Kids | Mental Math Quiz for Kids | General Math Quiz for Kids | Tables Quiz for Kids | Tables MCQs for Kids | Addition Quiz for Kids | Subtraction Quiz for Kids | Multiplication Quiz for Kids | Division Quiz for Kids | Social Science Quiz for Kids | I.Q Quiz for Kids | GK Quiz for Kids | Islamiat Quiz for Kids | Word Puzzle Quiz for Kids | Animal Quiz for Kids | Geography Quiz for Kids | Word Problem Quiz for Kids | Preposition Quiz for Kids | Fruit Quiz for Kids | Vegetable Quiz for Kids | Time Quiz for Kids | Human Body Quiz for Kids | Science Quiz for Kids

Online General Knowledge Quiz for Kids | Online General Science Quiz for Kids | Online Mental Math Quiz for Kids | Online General Math Quiz for Kids | Online Tables Quiz for Kids | Online Tables MCQs for Kids | Online Addition Quiz for Kids | Online Subtraction Quiz for Kids | Online Multiplication Quiz for Kids | Online Division Quiz for Kids | Online Social Science Quiz for Kids | Online I.Q Quiz for Kids | Online GK Quiz for Kids | Online Islamiat Quiz for Kids | Online Word Puzzle Quiz for Kids | Online Animal Quiz for Kids | Online Geography Quiz for Kids | Online Word Problem Quiz for Kids | Online Preposition Quiz for Kids | Online Fruit Quiz for Kids | Online Vegetable Quiz for Kids | Online Time Quiz for Kids | Online Human Body Quiz for Kids | Online Science Quiz for Kids

General Knowledge Questions (MCQs) for Kids | General Science Questions (MCQs) for Kids | Mental Math Questions (MCQs) for Kids | General Math Questions (MCQs) for Kids | Tables Questions (MCQs) for Kids | Tables Questions (MCQs) for Kids | Addition Questions (MCQs) for Kids | Subtraction Questions (MCQs) for Kids | Multiplication Questions (MCQs) for Kids | Division Questions (MCQs) for Kids | Social Science Questions (MCQs) for Kids | I.Q Questions (MCQs)

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