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How to Play?

Howfiv Online Cash Quiz is a way to learn, prepare, and evaluate your exams’ preparation or life-long learning. By playing Online Cash Quiz at Howfiv, you don’t only enhance your knowledge but also evaluate your memory and sharpen your intelligence. Howfiv Cash Quiz provides quizzes on English grammar, Vocabulary, GK, History, Politics, Science, Social Science, Mathematics, and many other related subjects. The more you possess the knowledge, the more the chances of winning Online Cash Prizes at Howfiv. What all you need to do is to answer all the questions quickly in the given time duration and score 10/10 to claim the cash prize instantly. Howfiv Online Cash Quiz is a way that helps you win with knowledge. On a daily basis, hundreds of thousands of people visit Howfiv Online Cash Quiz at Howfiv and try their best to score 10/10 and claim the cash. Let’s win with knowledge and make your way to get your hands on the real cash. From a kid to a student, aspirant, tutor, or passionate learner, Howfiv Cash Quiz is helping millions of people experience a unique way of learning, preparing, evaluating, and winning. At Howfiv Cash Quiz, you always win either money or knowledge.

How to Play Howfiv Online Cash Quiz?

Before playing Howfiv Online Cash Quiz, you must read and understand the way how to play. Playing Howfiv Online Cash Quiz doesn’t require any entry fee, subscription, token, or hidden charges. It is free, and you can play as many times as you want whenever you find any Howfiv Online Cash Quiz open.

There will be 10 questions comprised of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and True False in every Howfiv Online Cash Quiz.

You will be given a limited time (2 to 5 minutes) to answer all questions. The time limit varies from quiz to quiz, so always learn details appear after clicking “Let’s Play”.

Unlike Howfiv Quiz Corner, at Howfiv Online Cash Quiz, you will not be given any “Lifeline” during the game. Although there are lifelines, they have nothing to do with Howfiv Online Cash Quiz. You can only Claim Cash if you score 10/10.

If you answer any one of the questions wrong, you still will be provided further questions so that you can never stop learning, but no Cash Prize is given if you score less than 10/10 in the given time. Don’t hit refresh, reload, back, forward, or any of the button or action of your web-browser while quiz has started. It will spoil your game.

If the strap at the right-top corner of the quiz box is Red, it’s means quiz is closed. You can still play it, but you will not be given any Cash Prize. If a quiz is closed (red-colour-strap) and you score 10/10, Claim Cash, button doesn't appear at the resulting pop-up. It only appears when a quiz is open (green-colour-strap).

If the strap at the right-top corner of the quiz box is Green, it’s means quiz is open. You can play the game (take the quiz), and, if you score 10/10, claim cash button will appear at the resulting pop-up. What you need to do then, you have to press the Claim Cash Button, enter the required detail, and you will be delivered the Cash Prize into 48 working hours.