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How to Claim Cash

Howfiv Online Cash Quiz is a way to learn, prepare, and evaluate your exams’ preparation or life-long learning. By playing Online Cash Quiz at Howfiv, you don’t only enhance your knowledge but also evaluate your memory and sharpen your intelligence. Howfiv Cash Quiz provides quizzes on English grammar, Vocabulary, GK, History, Politics, Science, Social Science, Mathematics, and many other related subjects. The more you possess the knowledge, the more the chances of winning Online Cash Prizes at Howfiv. What all you need to do is to answer all the questions quickly in the given time duration and score 10/10 to claim the cash prize instantly. Howfiv Online Cash Quiz is a way that helps you win with knowledge. On a daily basis, hundreds of thousands of people visit Howfiv Online Cash Quiz at Howfiv and try their best to score 10/10 and claim the cash. Let’s win with knowledge and make your way to get your hands on the real cash. From a kid to a student, aspirant, tutor, or passionate learner, Howfiv Cash Quiz is helping millions of people experience a unique way of learning, preparing, evaluating, and winning. At Howfiv Cash Quiz, you always win either money or knowledge.

How to claim cash at Howfiv Online Cash Quiz?

If you win the Howfiv Online Cash Quiz by scoring 10/10 in any of the quiz categories, you can claim cash anytime, anywhere by entering the required details. You will be delivered the Cash Prize within 48 working hours. If the winning amount if less than Rs. 1,000/- Usually, we take only five working hours to deliver cash as soon as one of our representatives confirms your winning the cash prize by contacting you either by a phone call or a text message at the given contact number.

If the quiz is open, and you score 10/10 within the given time, you are shown a result pop-up at the screen that will have an extra button “Claim Cash” along with view result and keep playing. You have to press the button “Claim Cash”. Another pop-up will appear asking you enter your details, your name and your valid contact number. As soon as you press the button “Submit” by entering the required details, we receive it at the backend, and our representatives start counting the number of winners.

Within 48 hours (usually 5 hours) one of our representatives contacts you, either by a phone call or a text message at the given contact number, for confirmation of the details you entered. If everything goes ok, they send you the cash prize. Suppose the winning cash amount is less than Rs. 1,000/-, you are delivered Easy Load on your given Mobile Number.

If the winning cash amount is greater than Rs. 1,000/- you are delivered either Easy-Load or Easy-Cash through Easy Paisa as per your wish.

Whatever we deliver, either Easy-Load or Easy-Cash, we hold the right to post transaction receipt, your cash quiz details, including name, contact number, cash quiz category, time, etc., at any of our official social media page to promote Howfiv Cash Quiz. If you don’t agree, you won’t be delivered any of the cash prizes.